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Achieving Optimum Health through Detoxification & Cleansing

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“Detoxification” and “cleansing” describe a medical treatment plan intended to assist and improve you body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxic chemicals and allergens, whether a product of natural metabolism and intestinal germs, external toxins in food and water you consume, the air you breathe, or skin and hair care products you use. Your body naturally detoxifies itself; however, in this chemically-polluted world, never before has your body has to deal with so many toxins, and if you are immune-suppressed., stressed of suffer from chronic illness or conditions; your body needs help to rid itself of deadly toxins. A planned and supervised Detoxification and Cleansing Program will help your body rid itself of toxic chemicals and allergens and achieve lasting optimum health.

A Detox/Cleanse Program is an effective method of helping your body move through the natural cycle of releasing toxic chemicals and allergens. As they enter your bloodstream, you experience a “low” or “down” cycle during which you may suffer headaches, digestive problems or depression. Acute or chronic conditions, colon disorders, allergies and degenerative diseases such as arthritis and diabetes are extremely responsive to Detox/Cleanse because it facilitates and supports the healing process.

I recommend Detox/Cleanse Program twice a year – Spring and Fall – for 3-10 days. The length of a Program accomplishes different objectives: a 3-day program rids toxins and cleanses the blood, a 5-day program begins the process of healing and rebuilding the immune system, and a 7-10-day program can be preventive and help fight illnesses and degenerative diseases.

It took years to wear your body down and it takes time to build it back up – Believe it can be done! Whenever you’re not feeling well, consider doing a Detox/Cleanse Program with qualified health care practitioners.