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Healing From the Source Retreat

Who of us does not yearn for replenishment of mind, body and soul in this increasingly toxic, fast paced life, a return to our vibrant, spiritual, creative selves as nature intended? Well buckle your seat belts! Here is the perfect medicine! Healing From the Source is a spiritual painting retreat and body cleanse combined, set in the breathtaking beauty of the Montana Rockies. You will join with an intimate group of like-minded souls guided by two Masters Healers.

Internationally famed “Painting From The Source”, facilitated by Aviva Gold, is a transformational process painting experience (non-toxic tempera paint and paper), for beginners and trained alike, in which you tap into and express unconscious and transpersonal imagery that has surprising beauty.

The Restore Detox Cleanse, developed and administered by Dr. Edie Resto and staff, includes individual evaluations with Biomeridian Assessment system, fasting, bodywork, walks, yoga, supplements, colonics and education, resulting in rejuvenated health and energy.


Both Processes, so powerfully healing and transformative by themselves are now integrated and offered together as powerful healing experience for your radiant health, renewed vitality and flowing creative expression.
What to Expect
Your Painting Sanctuary will be your safe and sacred space from first to last day, always available. Here you will also have group sharing each morning and evening. Your ongoing painting imagery is a mirror of your progressive cleansing journey, a place to express the many emotions and non-verbal memories and imagery released by the Cleanse.

The Phases of your Cleanse, also mirrored in the painting process are: Expectation, which includes pre workshop preparation, lighter meals, individual body assessment, and orientation; Incubation, which includes the first few days of nourishment on herbal drinks, broths and cleansing supplements, body image session, ceremonial Sweat, culminating in the liver cleanse and colonics on the 4th day; Re-emergence, which includes beginning to eat solid food again, acceleration of exercise, “future visualization” session, and transformation of our painting process; and Celebration, the ritual culmination of our cleanse and painting process.

Woven throughout each day of this body and soul healing symphony are yoga, walking, bodywork sessions, and periods of silence. A typical day will start with a walk, and continues with nourishment, group sharing, painting sanctuary, mid-day nourishment, a talk or activity, painting sanctuary, long yoga/exercise session, evening nourishment, and end with group sharing/painting.

Feathered Pipe Ranch, world renowned Yoga retreat in the heart of the Montana Rockies, is surrounded by miles of forested and serene mountains. It is perfect to support people in the quest for personal growth and spiritual nourishment. The Ranch is blessed with a sparkling lake, pristine water, clean air, abundant wildlife, healing plants that abound in this mountain paradise. Gourmet natural food is their specialty. www.featheredpipe.com 406.442.8196

$2,700 includes lodging, gourmet meals, broths, supplements, roundtrip airport shuttle, individual Biomeridian Assessments and treatment plans, massage, colonic, art materials, sweat lodge, yoga, health education, painting sessions, and more.

Space is limited to 15 participants. Offering this life changing workshop depends on receiving 8 deposits by January 15, 2007, so please do not wait. To hold your spot, contact us for information on making a $500.00 deposit.

Contact Dr. Edie: 805.640.8529 or dredieresto@gmail.com

Aviva Gold, MFA, CSW, ATR-BC, Art Medicine Woman has been teaching inspired art for over twenty-five years. She believes that authentic soul touching art comes from a divine place deep within and that the ritual of creating and viewing such art is central to individual and planetary healing. She is an experienced psychotherapist and workshop leader in healing centers worldwide. Aviva is the author of "Painting From the Source: Awakening The Artists Soul In Everyone".
"The sacredness of the vessel Aviva created for us was a true gift. The tiger is out! The entire universe awaits."

Dr. Edie Resto, DC, ND, Chiropractor, Naturopath and educator dedicated to forming healing partnerships with her patients. She is a graduate of the Institute of Psycho-structural Balancing where she studied a variety of massage/body work. Dr. Edie is also a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, and Bastyr University, the premier Naturopathic medical school in the United States.
“Everyone needs to see this woman as a means to live a healthy and energetic life. She's simply the BEST"


There are no more spots available at this event. Check back for info on the next Healing From the Source retreat, planned for September!

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