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November 09, 2009

A Philosophy of Healing

Vibrant Health is an ongoing journey, requiring deep awareness of one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual walk through life. The body has the innate capacity to create, regenerate and heal itself. It proved it over millions and millions of years as it developed from the simplest, one-cell-organism form of life to the complexity of the human body of today. And it goes through this process again and again as it develops from 2 cells the size of this dot ”.” into a community of 50-75 trillion cells that we call the human body, over a period of 9 months, during the pregnancy.

Biological systems are in continuous movement and designed to self-regulate, self-correct and live interdependently with all other forms of life, pending they are provided with the optimal tools to do so. Recent industrial progress has considerably altered our basic needs for healthy living: air, water, food, ways of life, community. Degenerative dis-eases including autoimmune disorders and cancers are rampant and more and more “new illnesses” are surfacing almost daily.

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February 03, 2009

Juice Fast for Peace with Gabriel Cousens and Rev. Michael Beckwith at Agape

Healing the planet is an inside job.

Juice Fast LA lets us transform from our cells, refresh the thoughts in our minds, and ecologically consciously effect what we consume and do to the living planet.

In Juice Fast L.A., Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, Shanti GoldsCousens, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Rickie Byars Beckwith are moving science, and activism into spiritual action to empower people to go to a plant-source diet.

Science shows that 1.5 tons of carbon less per person are emitted by an organic plant-source only. Certain research concludes 80%, and several studies show the majority of greenhouse gases would be reduced if we all ate according to the very low meat or plant-source only dietary blueprint, including Genesis chapter 1, of most spiritual traditions (source: The UN, the IPCC, Univesity of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University).

One of the most divinely pleasurable, psychologically releasing, and long-lasting ways for people to transition into the dietary service for the planet is Juice Fasting!

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, has 35 years of holistic medical experience, and is called by the New York Times a "guru of fasting," Gabriel Cousens, MD, Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine, physician and psychiatrist since 1969, uses the timeless healing tool of green juice fasting and mental, emotional, and spiritual support at a new level for helping people juice fast to go plant-source only, and heal the planet and the self.

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February 02, 2009

Juice Fast for Peace with Gabriel Cousens and Rev. Michael Beckwith at Agape

Healing the planet is an inside job.

Juice Fast LA lets us transform from our cells, refresh the thoughts in our minds, and ecologically consciously effect what we consume and do to the living planet.

In Juice Fast L.A., Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, Shanti GoldsCousens, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Rickie Byars Beckwith are moving science, and activism into spiritual action to empower people to go to a plant-source diet.

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September 09, 2008

The Weakest Link

I was thinking about being well. What are the signs of wellness?
I was thinking about where did I feel “off”? What was out of harmony with being totally well?
I remembered the saying that a chain is as weak as it’s weakest link.
What were my weakest links?

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January 29, 2008

Post-Holiday Mini-Cleanse

In my experience, it only takes two or three days to change my dietary habits. I'm not talking about making major transitions like going vegetarian, I'm talking about cutting out some of the bad little habits that make their way back into my lifestyle.

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October 28, 2007


Excitotoxin: a substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. Con be found in such ingredients as monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame (Nutrasweet®), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein and aspartic acid.

An enlightening and frightening book by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

If you're into the “health food” movement, you probably try to avoid MSG. But you may not know that the other excitotoxins are equally as dangerous and damaging or that they are more dangerous and damaging in combination.

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October 27, 2007

Organic Milk (and more) That Isn't

This article / interview is from The News Target, by Mike Adams.
It can be found here:

With consumer demand for organic products continuing to grow, more large corporations are entering the organic market. To maximize profits, some of these companies don't follow organic standards but still label products as organic. For example, Horizon Organic and Aurora Organic, sold by Wal-Mart and other retailers, continue to produce “organic“ milk under factory-farm conditions that few reasonable people would consider truly organic.

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October 25, 2007


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A client called me a few weeks ago looking for advice about what I call a Cleanse-In-
A-Box. These “Intestinal Cleanse” formulas are found all over the internet, on late night TV, at “health food stores” and increasingly at the local drug store. They promise great rewards through little effort. I have huge concerns about the efficacy and safety of these products.

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October 20, 2007

The 100 Year Health Experiment

Even though this experiment has been going on for about 100 years, you may not have heard it. It doesn’t have an official name. It is certainly the longest and largest study ever conducted on the connection between diet, chemicals and health.

The subjects in this study don’t even realize that they are the unwitting participants in a ongoing experiment on the effects of specific foods and chemicals on living organisms.

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A Very Inconvenient Truth

by Capt Paul Watson
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The meat industry is one of the most destructive ecological industries on the planet. The raising and slaughtering of pigs, cows, sheep, turkeys and chickens not only utilizes vast areas of land and vast quantities of water, but it is a greater contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than the automobile industry.

The seafood industry is literally plundering the ocean of life and some fifty percent of fish caught from the oceans is fed to cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc in the form of fish meal. It also takes about fifty fish caught from the sea to raise one farm raised salmon.

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October 03, 2007

The China Study #1: Protein and Cancer

I'd heard about this book for a year before I read it. Since reading it, it has become one of my must read books for every person concerned with how diet effects health. This is the beginning of a series on key items discussed in the book.

T. Colin Campbell, the author, is a leading researcher in the field of nutrition.

Around 1970 he worked on a project in the Philippines with children that were malnourished. The belief at the time was that the primary nutrient that malnourished people needed was protein. So they looked for a good local source of protein. It turned out to be peanuts.

To use peanuts as a source of protein they had to solve another problem. Peanuts are frequently contaminated by a mold called aflatoxin, one of the most carcinogenic compounds known. It’s also common on corn.

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September 20, 2007

USDA list of food contamination: E. Coli, Botulism, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus

A package of Dole salad mix that tested positive for E. coli recently triggered a recall in at least nine states, prompting new produce fears almost exactly a year after a nationwide spinach scare.

Last year, an E. coli outbreak traced to bagged baby spinach sold under the Dole brand was blamed for the deaths of three people and for sickening hundreds more across the U.S. Authorities eventually identified a central California cattle ranch next to spinach fields belonging to one of Dole’s suppliers as being the source of the bacteria.

I wonder how many other incidents of contaminated food products there are...

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September 13, 2007

Raw Vegan Living-Food Lifestyle

Back in the 70’s, a friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. We were in our 20’s. This was something that wasn’t supposed to happen — if at all — until much later in life. Weren’t we young and invincible and immortal?

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May 12, 2007

Spring Cleansing Basics

Everyone in Ojai seems to be interested in cleansing and detox. It is great to live in such a health-oriented community! I see lots of really healthy habits, and a few that concern me. What follows are guidelines for what I see as healthy cleansing. Check out the "Do's and Don'ts" after the break!

What does it mean to cleanse?
Cleansing helps your body clear out accumulated waste and potentially toxic material. Removing some of this "toxic load" can help boost your immune system, decrease allergic reactions, clear up your mental and emotional processes and much more. Fasting gives your body (specifically the digestive system) a rest. Some people fast during a cleanse, but you can also cleanse while eating a simple, nutritious diet.

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April 22, 2007

New Dates for Healing from the Source Retreat!

September 23 - 28
Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana

Who of us does not yearn for replenishment of mind, body and soul in this increasingly toxic, fast paced life, a return to our vibrant, spiritual, creative selves as nature intended? Well buckle your seat belts! Here is the perfect medicine! Healing From the Source is a spiritual painting retreat and body cleanse combined, set in the breathtaking beauty of the Montana Rockies. You will join with an intimate group of like-minded souls guided by two Masters Healers.

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April 10, 2007

Ever heard of Intensified Fats?

Apparently, the industry is getting wise to the fact that consumers are seeking alternatives to trans-fats. They've come up with new language and a slightly different product - Intensified Fats.

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April 09, 2007

Healthy Diet

If you are healthy and want to stay that way, do you know what to eat?
Suggestions on what and how much can be confusing especially when faced with varied and conflicting nutritional advice.

Below I have outlined nutritional recommendations designed to promote health and prevent dis-ease.

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January 29, 2007

Achieving Optimum Health through Detoxification & Cleansing

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“Detoxification” and “cleansing” describe a medical treatment plan intended to assist and improve you body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxic chemicals and allergens, whether a product of natural metabolism and intestinal germs, external toxins in food and water you consume, the air you breathe, or skin and hair care products you use. Your body naturally detoxifies itself; however, in this chemically-polluted world, never before has your body has to deal with so many toxins, and if you are immune-suppressed., stressed of suffer from chronic illness or conditions; your body needs help to rid itself of deadly toxins. A planned and supervised Detoxification and Cleansing Program will help your body rid itself of toxic chemicals and allergens and achieve lasting optimum health.

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December 21, 2006

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Ojai is known as a healing community, from destinations such as the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa and The Oaks at Ojai to dozens of world-renowned healers in a dizzying array of modalities and expertise. We are bringing together a number of talented healers to share their knowledge and advice on a wide range of health and healing issues.

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