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What is Swedish Massage?

What comes to mind when you hear the word relaxation? A sunny afternoon by the pool with a glass of iced tea? A cozy fireside chat with good friends? Deep stretching and breathing in a yoga class?

For many people, massage is synonymous with relaxation. Experienced hands soothe aching muscles and the stress of everyday life melts away. A study conducted jointly by a massage therapy organization and a university medical school found that regular massage lowers levels of anxiety, depression, stress hormones and even blood pressure!

Swedish massage is a combination of different techniques that soften tight muscles, increase blood flow to sore areas and calm the nervous system. Swedish massage can be done with gentle or firm pressure depending on your needs and preferences. Gentler pressure may be used around superficial veins or if you are looking for pure relaxation. Firmer pressure may be used to work out the kinks after a day full of hiking and exercise classes. You and your massage technician talk about what would be best before the massage begins, and adjust as you go if necessary. Try one today!