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Better "Good Bacteria" During Antibiotic treatment

Lots of us know that antibiotics may interfere with the "good" bacteria in our systems even as they help us get rid of infection and illness. Recent studies have shown that a particular probiotic, S. boulardii, can support our systems during a course of antibiotics. People with Giardia were more likely to be completely symptom-free at the end of treatment if they took S. boulardii at the same time.

S. boulardii is, in fact, a yeast, a single-celled organism like a bacteria. S. boulardii doesn't live well in the human system, so think of it as a place-holder. While you take antibiotics, take the S. boulardii. Even if the antibiotics kill some of your "good" bacteria, the spaces where they live will be held available. When you finish the course of antibiotics (and please do take the full course, as directed) also discontinue the S. boulardii. This is a great time to take "good" bacteria or Probiotics. Your own "good" bacteria plus the supplemental Probiotics will colonize the spaces held by the S. boulardii.

If we don't fill those spaces back in, we may be prone to infection with other bacteria or candida, which can be complicated to treat once they have established themselves.

If you live in Ojai and are interested in either S. boulardii or a high-quality probiotic (I recommend Dr. Ohhira's - it is hands-down the best I've ever used), you may contact me - I carry both! If not, try a colon therapist or chiropractor or naturopath in your area.


Several studies have shown the beneficial effects of probiotics in preventing antibiotic induced diarrhea in addition to treatment of infectious diarhhea.

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