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Mindful Holidays, Part II

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a whirlwind of activity, when shopping trips take three times as long as usual and every joyful cookie exchange means an extra hour or two in the kitchen. Mindfully choosing your activities can keep you grounded in the moment, but to truly enjoy the holiday (or any) season, you also need to create space for…nothing. When was the last time you turned off the television, turned off the list making in your brain, and simply sat on your couch?

I invite you to think about Mindful inactivity. Taking time to be quiet, to reflect and recharge, will deepen your enjoyment of the season and your contribution to those around you. It will also help you enter the New Year with a fresh perspective and clear vision of things to come. What does it really look like, this mythical quiet time during the holiday season?

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