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Mindful Holidays, Part 1

Did you ever try to remember details about past holidays and find that they all blur together? When I noticed this, I realized it was partly because my family celebrated exactly the same way every year. More importantly, I recognized my tendency to become less mindful as I got caught up in the busyness and activities of the season. I seemed to go into ‘auto-pilot’ mode where I let myself be swept away by the tide of traditions and family expectations.

That’s when I decided to be more mindful and create something uniquely memorable about each holiday.

To do this, I needed to SLOW DOWN so that I could consciously consider and wisely select each holiday activity. And I needed to remember to be more fully present for each activity that was so carefully chosen. This process of Mindful Holidays, the conscious choice of activities and participation in my own unique way, was quite liberating. With mindfulness, I am less concerned about appearances, judgments or expectations. Not only have the holidays become more memorable, but they’ve also become a lot more fun.

Mindful Holidays are an avenue to greater meaning, creativity, and joy. As you enter you’re your holiday activities, I invite you to pause and find ways to participate with greater mindfulness.

You may want to start by giving yourself permission to live true to your values this holiday season....

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