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Free Workshop Offers Life Changing Insight

Learn to how to create abundance and manifest your resolutions at
Jonathan Parker’s “Discover Greater Possibilities” Workshop
Sunday, January 9, 2011

(OJAI, CA) Each year, millions of Americans set New Year’s resolutions in the hopes that they will achieve greater health, love, happiness, and abundance, yet so often the wished-for changes rarely come to pass. Why?

On Sunday, January 9, 2011, innovative motivational speaker Jonathan Parker Ph.D. will offer a free workshop and guided meditation that addresses how to align our conscious and subconscious with the powers of the universe in order to influence our destiny—and manifest those New Year’s resolutions.

“Your mind is the most powerful tool on earth, yet it can only create for you according to your inner beliefs, feelings, and attitudes,” said Parker. “In fact, your life is determined far more by what is in your subconscious mind, than your conscious mind. Once you understand this concept, you can learn how to not only control your destiny, but also rise to a much higher quality of life. Your mind becomes a resource so powerful, it borders on the magical.”

The “Discover Greater Possibilities” workshop will also include a variety of spiritual and holistic presentations and exercises, including a discussion with aromatic alchemist, Allison Stillman, a gentle yoga session with Ingrid Boulting, Kirtan chanting with Amy Arani and Lotus Moon, and more! This free workshop is open to the public, and will take place at Sacred Space Studio at 410 Bryant Circle Suite A, Ojai, from 2-5:30 pm on Sunday, January 9.

Jonathan Parker is the founder and director of Quantum Quests International. For over 30 years he has been a counselor, workshop facilitator and author of one of the largest self-development libraries in the world. To this day, more than 10 million of his audio programs have been sold worldwide.