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TAT: Releasing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

TAT: Tapas Acupressure Technique — Releasing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We live in a world that is largely shaped by PTSD. Most of us are carriers. Something that occurs to us as traumatic happens and we make a decision to respond is a specific way that in the moment is a good intelligent response. The “disorder” comes from our continually responding in the same way to similar incidents.

High on the PTSD scale are incidents of violence. These can be physical, emotional or both. It may be singular incidents like being beaten during a robbery, rape, an auto accident... It may be patterned incidents like child abuse, spousal abuse, constant humiliation by a parent or spouse... It may be finding oneself “accidently” near violence like a witness to crime, war... It may be being involved in violence that one thinks is necessary like defending oneself, being in the military and acting violently...

The stress of the incident or incidents causes a rupture in the fabric of the mental-physical integrity. This wound seems to cause our reactions to stick on this one note out of all the possible melodies we could play in response to living.

I became deeply aware of a pattern of mine about a year ago. I’d seen it occasionally for years, but when it came into focus I saw how pervasive it was. How it colored everything I did. Everything I thought. Every action and reaction I made.

I grew up in a violent house. My mother would occasionally flip out and beat me. Her way of reacting to her stress of having a kid around was to make me wrong by belittling and humiliating. I never knew when one of these arrows was going to come my way. They seemed to come at random. For no discernible reason. I couldn’t find any connection between my behavior and her reaction.

My conclusion was that the world was not safe. And I developed a very finely tuned radar system to watch the safety of the world. I got good at it, and was able to avoid many attacks by feeling the bow being strung, the arrow being taking from the quiver and was able to change tactics to get her to disarm. These are useful skills. BUT, they are not useful when they are always already running the show.

In other words, what I deeply saw was that my radar was on all the time. It did not have an off switch. And I began to see how this veil was between me and the world. I kept me from fully interacting because I was always assessing how “safe” it was.

A friend told me about this simple technique TAT. I printed out the process from the website — www.TATlife.com, read it, held it as a possibility. In a couple weeks I got that I needed to do it. He’d suggested that for major issues that I work with a practitioner, so I made an appointment with Tapas.

I went fully open to it working and willing for the pattern to be broken. In about an hour session we totally turned off the pattern. I found the switch... leaving it available as a tool when and if needed, but no longer the controlling context for my interaction with life.

I’ve since used TAT on other lesser issues and found it to be incredibly useful. My friend just got back from China used it to realign himself with the magnetic and energetic forces here as he got off the plane. No jet lag! I’ve used it to clear blocks to having conversations. Blocks to taking actions. I’m still exploring, but I’m told that it can be used for just about anything that you feel stuck with or on. I’d assert here that anything that feels stuck is a symptom of PTSD. Maybe a mild form, but a disorder of the same design.

Got something in mind after reading this? Check out TAT at www.TATlife.com and experiment on yourself or get assistance. If you want to discuss any question you have regarding this simple process, you can email me at wynfinity@mac.com.

Be Well...



Wow Wyn, that is an amazing story - you are so right about the way PTSD shapes so many of our life experiences, because of our own trauma or because of the way the people around us are. Thanks for the resource!

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