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Testimonial about Nathan Kaehler's work

I've been working with Nathan Kaehler for about a year now and I just wanted to share a little about the experience.

I first went to Nathan because I had a malignant bit of melanoma removed from my leg. I told Nathan that I never wanted cancer again. In his typical gentle, thoughtful fashion, Nathan explained to me that there are certain Chinese herbs that have been used to balance the conditions that underlie tumor formation. Chinese medicine works, as I understand it, to balance the various forces in the body - chi, blood, organs, etc. "Skin cancer" was not my Chinese diagnosis, although Nathan found that there was long-standing heat in my heart which he felt was important to clear.

I don't claim to understand Chinese medicine - the framework is completely different that the Western one I am familiar with. But I can tell you that I've had fantastic, unexpected results from my work with Chinese herbs.

First and foremost, my energy is fantastic. I've never been a morning person, but today, I don't mind getting up so much. I recently house-sat for some friends and got up to walk the dogs around 7 or 7:30. Anyone who knows me would assume I was grumpy about it and that I would head back to bed as soon as the we got home. Not so. I was up, cheerful, and ready to start my day. It feels great!

Second, my mood is so stable. I get stressed but it doesn't take over my body and mind. I get sad, but I don't always feel the need to go to sleep when I feel sad.

Third, I don't have cravings anymore for the foods I used to fight with. I know the value of eating well and have preached it for years, but that doesn't mean I didn't fight with a terrible sweet tooth. Today, I definitely enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. The difference is that eating a piece of chocolate today no longer leads me down the path of two tomorrow, a handful the next day, and blood sugar bouncing all over as a result. Wow. Taking the fight out of a trip past the concession stand at the movies makes the movie so much more enjoyable!

One final big change I've noticed: I used to get adjusted weekly - chiropractic kept me out of pain after a skiiing accident when I was 13. I still get adjusted, I believe that the treatment is valuable for the nervous system and the musculo-skeletal system. But I don't suffer from headaches, stiff neck and tense shoulders like I used to. Again, a reduction in pain sure makes life more fun!

I'm off to brew my herbs....they look like leaf litter on the forest floor and the flavor took some getting-used-to, but the benefits are beyond my expectations. And just a reminder - complementary medicine doesn't offer the quick fix we are used to from Western medicine. It took a few months for these benefits to really take hold. At the very beginning, Nathan said he thought it would take about a year to clear the conditions that, according to Chinese medical theory, may have led to my skin cancer. Will I get skin cancer again? I'll let you know in 20 year. Until then, Chinese medicine will be my first line of treatment, both preventative and if I ever get the flu again.....