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The 100 Year Health Experiment

Even though this experiment has been going on for about 100 years, you may not have heard it. It doesn’t have an official name. It is certainly the longest and largest study ever conducted on the connection between diet, chemicals and health.

The subjects in this study don’t even realize that they are the unwitting participants in a ongoing experiment on the effects of specific foods and chemicals on living organisms.

Here are some of the amazing results of the experiment:

• 8% develop diabetic — an estimated 50% are pre-diabetic
• 15% of children develop chronic obesity — another 15% exhibit being overfat
• 35% of adults develop chronic obesity — another 35% exhibit being overfat
• 1 of 9 males develop prostate cancer
• 1 of 9 females develop breast cancer
• 40% will die of heart disease
• 10% develop osteoporosis
• 1% develop autoimmune disease annually
• 50% develop addictions to stimulants

And the sad part is - WE ARE THE TEST ANIMALS!

Over the last 100 years this has developed so slowly, that we didn’t notice. When the rate of diabetes increases 1/2 % a year, it seems insignificant, but over 100 years you arrive at half the population living with a weakened pancreas. (The rate increased by 33% in the 90’s.) Same with cancer, heart disease, etc. Slow year over year rates of growth seem insignificant and may not be a trend. But over 50 - 100 years, they are staggering.

What’s the question, or assumption, behind the experiment?

I’d say it’s “Can the original design of nature be improved upon by human invention, ingenuity and intervention?”

The question each of us has to ask, is what results of this experiment am I manifesting? Look at the list. What are you manifesting? It’s not an accident. It’s the result of the experiment.

There are a few people who are removing themselves from the experiment. It’s not an easy task. The experiment has permeated all areas of life.

To extract oneself, one has to stop having any relationship with the experimental protocols.

Here is a partial list:

• Meat products from factory farms
• Dairy products from factory farms
• Egg products from factory farms
• All packaged and processed foods with additives
• All soft drinks and sports drinks
• All caffeine drinks and other stimulant drinks
• All prophylactic supplements taken out of fear
• All pharmaceuticals taken to manage symptoms
• Don't believe any corporate advertising about what's good for you - be skeptical
• Don't believe your doctor's advice about what's good for you - be skeptical

For most people this is a daunting task. It means relearning just about everything they do. Learning to live in a whole new paradigm.
Most people can't seriously entertain the thought that they live in a world of such deception. So they just reject the idea.

Seriously, take a look around you. Look at your family, friends, co-workers and their family and friends. How many are overweight? How many are obese? How many are diabetic? How many have some form of cancer? How many have heart problems? How many have had a stroke? How many live on some kind of medication to attempt to manage some set of symptoms? How many have chronic fatigue? How many struggle with candida? How many have osteoporosis?

This is not normal! In societies who don't yet live on this Standard American Diet (SAD) these diseases are not epidemic. They occur at low percent of population rates. Unfortunately for them, as they are brought into the experiment, the rates of these western style diet diseases increase.

We ARE the lab rats! We've turned our world into a huge laboratory. The experiment and it's funding is not going to be over any time soon.

The good news is that the doors to the lab are not locked. You can leave anytime you want.


Yeah, I left that experiment and am part of a new experiment . . . becoming GOD. God doesn't promote poison and God knows profit is more than paper, it's quality of LIFE. The Naked Truth: Conventional Clothing KILLS! GO ORGANIC OJAI!--Jennifer Moss (Naked Lady Godiva)

The bike riding/roller blading Lady Godiva? Glad to have you join us! Hope to hear more from you.

A good friend of mine participated in the publishing of Randall Fitzgerald's book "The Hundred Year Lie." I couldn't help noticing the similarity with the title and subject matter of the blog. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

I would love to buy organic clothes for my family and know that conventional clothes are not conducive to a healthy life, but the prices have to come down for the average family to be able to participate in the new experiment.

Hello concerned and compassionate citizens of Ojai, I am EarthFriendJen. This may not be the best place to write this message, but it is about health and wellbeing. First of all, I am becoming a sovereign being of love and light. I am well aware of what I do, and the ignorance, cruelty, and deluded mind of those who oppose me. I feel deep compassion for them. See, I know where I stand. I know that I strike a chord within the souls of men . . . that ignorant fools like Leland Hammerschmidt may try to use their social standing to defame me and take up a whole page about me . . . who is this dude anyway? (I never read the article . . . I don't buy into the media or T.V.) My point is this: I am a cosmic catalyst of change igniting the hearts of men, helping their desires to bear fruit at lightning speed. So beware children. Whatever you think, say, and do, is bearing fruit for you. Is it the fruit of unconditional love . . . God's love? Or is it the poisoned apple of self-delusion and separation from God's children. I am a child of God becoming God as even the Bible teaches. I'll write more about this later. I am as wise as a serpent yet as harmless as a dove. I understand why many in society call me a loon. The self-deluded and enslaved feed off of fear and their first mindless and heartless reaction is to attack what they do not understand. I understand them and feel compassion for them. I pray for them for they are only digging their own graves. There is a simple truth that this unsustainable, self-deluded society overlooks: How a person peceives another, defines the person percieving MORE than the person being perceived. Therefore, Love Me, Hate Me, SHOW ME YOUR HEART. I will help you get in touch with who you really are. Love or Hate, only YOU create your fate. As Buddha said, "You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished BY your anger." --And to all those who love me, hallelujah! Blessings of pure abundance are coming your way at the speed of light! My website EarthFriendJen.com is up. You need to erase the whole http: line and type in earthfriendjen.com. I will be improving the website soon . . . please check back. I have moved to lovely Ashland, Oregon. It is AMAZING HERE! WAY BETTER THAN OJAI/L.A. SUBURBIA . . . SANTA BARBARA, OJAI, . . . IT'S ALL L.A. NOW! I hope all that really care about the Earth and the legacy of our Children move up north and create self-sustainable eco-villages as soon as possible. Whether I sound like "this or that", I don't care. I feel a mighty wind coming and devastation and destruction sweeping the SoCal coast and inner villages. I don't wish this on anyone, but I feel the energy. It is SOOOO MUCH BETTER IN ASHLAND! I hope you all at least visit this summer--Check out the Oregon Shakespere Festival! They are in the midst of spraying pesticides/poison from the sky over Ojai and Southern California once a month for 5 years and people have already complained about respiratory problems. They are poisoning the Arundo grass in Matilija Canyon and they are going to keep poisoning it repetitively because it will not give up easily. I wonder what will die first? The grass or the quality water? We already know the quality of water is lacking. Your children NEED quality water. I hope you all dare to really care. This system is unsustainable. You are all running on borrowed time. The Native Ameriecans knew the truth and now karma is coming full speed ahead. Turn off the distractions and learn the Native American Way Today! People up north are more conscious and respectful of the environment overall. Leland and all the hypocritical self-deluded religious fanatics can have thier polluted arm pit of L.A. called Ojai. Instead of EVER COMING BACK, I INVITE ALL MY SUPPORTERS AND FRIENDS UP TO ASHLAND. I'm coordinating a workshop on self-sustainability and building straw bale houses. I haven't even officially moved here yet, and I am already meeting amazing folks on the same page as I am. I spoke to a police officer in town and there are NO PUBLIC NUDITY LAWS IN ASHLAND (some kind of ordinance downtown though). I will not be running around naked usually, I am going to make my own organic clothing. Anyone out there reading this who really cares about the earth and the children NEEDS TO MOVE UP NORTH. If you don't believe me or think I am insane, just wait and see . . . . Power to the Peaceful! Please check out my favorite website dedicated to healing the earth and empowering all the children of the world: www.EmotoProject.org
P.S. Don't get me wrong, I have met many wonderful folks in Ojai and I love what Ojai could be, but what it is, is a whole other story.

Genuinely, Jennifer Moss

Umm, Ojai is not the armpit of L.A. I did not mean that! L.A. is WAY GROSSER than Ojai. I really meant that instead of Ojai influencing L.A., L.A. keeps on moving in on Ojai, and their smog looms over little Ojai. L.A.-fication equals devastation.

welcome to Ashlandia!...we need more people like
you here...if you need ANYTHING let me know...
it really is a good community despite the wealthy

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