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Mindful Life Women's Groups

It is a well known fact that women thrive on genuine support from other women. Many seek out the heartfelt support from a small group of women, where they can discover and express their innermost truths and be encouraged in their personal and spiritual growth.

The Mindful Life is a unique women’s group experience where women focus on self awareness and present moment living in order to live more authentically, powerfully and creatively. Members are encouraged to live mindfully, listen to their inner guidance, learn the lessons from their life challenges, break habitual thought patterns that no longer serve them, and experience greater presence and appreciation for life.

Each session of The Mindful Life meets weekly in Ojai for 6 weeks, and is facilitated by Brook Montagna, LMFT, Mindful Life Coach. Brook has over 15 years experience in teaching, mentoring, counseling, and coaching women in the art of mindful living. She is also a skilled group facilitator, and each group member is supported in ways that are most meaningful to her. Prior members of The Mindful Life have described the benefits of participation in the group as: “grounding, calming, insightful, motivating, inspiring, and transformational.”

The known benefits of mindful living include improved mood and health, greater focus and clarity, and greater acceptance of self and others. In the words of spiritual master Thich Nhat Hanh, “Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.” Mindful Life Group members are encouraged to learn and apply mindfulness practices and the wisdom of great spiritual masters to the reality and specifics of their own lives – career, relationships, health, and finances – to achieve greater balance and inner peace.

Currently, there are two groups of The Mindful Life that will begin on September 12. The meeting times are 9-11 AM, or 3-5 PM. Group size is small so early registration is advised. If you are interested, please call Brook at 805-640-2445, or email brook@mindfullifecoach.com.