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"Homeopathy" is not the same as "Alternative Medicine"

I’ve had a number of clients recently talk to me about how wonderful homeopathic medicine is. They go on to talk about the benefits of herbs, colon hydrotherapy or perhaps acupuncture. All of these treatment modalities, homeopathy included, fall under the larger umbrella of “Alternative,” “Complementary” or “Holistic” medicine. Homeopathy is a specific type of treatment, based on the philosophy that “like treats like.”

According to Wikipedia, “Homeopathic treatment involves giving a patient with symptoms of an illness extremely small doses of the agents that produce the same symptoms in healthy people when exposed to larger quantities. A homeopathic remedy is prepared by diluting the substance in a series of steps. Many homeopathic remedies are so highly diluted that no molecules of the original substance are likely to remain after dilution.”

Common homeopathic treatments include Nux Vomica (orally for upset stomach) and Arnica Montana (topically for bruising and inflammation.) If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy, I recommend you contact an experienced practitioner who can advise you of all of the benefits and potential risks.