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Money Mindfulness

How your thoughts and feelings effect your decisions, by Brook Montagna, Mindful Life Coach

When was the last time you felt worried (or freaked out) about money? Was it when you lost a business deal? Was it an unexpected car repair or health expense? Or maybe you’ve been freaking out even though money is rolling in, but you are afraid you won’t be able to sustain it – waiting for the “other shoe to drop”?

Other than love, there’s probably never been a topic so emotionally charged as money. And most often the emotional ups and downs seem to happen automatically, even though we try to stay calm. This is because at an early age, we are programmed to believe that love and money are scarce, hard to attain, but also critical to survival, especially in this society. The early programming is all about perceptions, ways of thinking and believing, with much of it programmed into the subconscious, out of our normal conscious awareness. So there are these “software programs” operating in the background, effecting our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Read the rest of this Mini-Coaching Lesson for tips on how to change your mental software: http://www.womensmedia.com/new/mcl-Montagna-money-mindfulness.shtml